Our weekly net is every Tuesday evening at 19:00 hrs on the OARS repeater system:

Repeater information

Olympia (Eastside Water Tower) NT7H 147.36 MHz(+0.6) (PL 103.5 )

Crawford Mt (Rainier/Tenino) NT7H 224.46 MHz(-1.6) (PL 103.5)

Crawford Mt (Rainier/Tenino) NT7H 441.40 MHz(+5.0) (PL 103.5)

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Thurston County 



TCARES Mission Statement

4/23/2023 Ver 1.2

      Thurston County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, TCARES provides volunteer emergency communications in support of local City, County and State agencies within and surrounding Thurston County, Washington.  This support is delivered by members of TCARES under the supervision of the Emergency Coordinator, EC, using the structure provided by the ARRL and NIMS/ICS.  After appropriate training, these members, using their own equipment and equipment provided by the served agency , provide emergency communications at locations to which they are deployed under the direction of the EC.

Amateur Radio Operating area at WSDOT